Psychological Astrology 

The context

As we are fast approaching the third decade of the 21st century, several ideals central to our life require redefinition. The familiar images and ways often prove limiting for concepts such as fulfillment, creativity, growth, development, balance, joy. In essence, new, modern “forms” are needed, suitable for our interconnected, wondrous, space age. Psychological Astrology offers an alternative perspective, utilizing ancient knowledge through modern counseling on the issues that drive us.

The astrological material
Astrology gathers a wealth of material on the quality of energy of every period, and each individual. Today, we are able to distinguish between superstition, prejudice, the metaphorical language in which this material travelled, and its essence. So, we can talk of energy which is constantly showering us from every direction, while also moving within us. We perceive it every time we refer to the “energy” of a person, a meeting, a relationship, of a project, a friendship, of a chance encounter.

The proposal
Psychological astrology incorporates knowledge regarding the qualified expression of energy, into the practice of counseling. Panastron puts forward a proposal for the creation of new “ways” of relating, working, creating, and growing on the basis of energy characteristics. As these are coming to the fore, it becomes possible to substitute the individual dynamic for general and vague images, expectations and aims. Naturally, the person can in consequence relate in the best possible way, at any point, with their environment, be it another person, a project, a situation, a job, or a vision.


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