Esoteric Astrology 

The object
Usually, when we talk about “energies”, we perceive them as influences of external sources, which act upon as. Often, their existence is used as a way to explain occurrences that we cannot or do not want to, justify otherwise. Today, we know that the energies circulating around us also exist within us. Esoteric Astrology is an esoteric science studying the human being as a microcosm in direct interrelation with the macrocosm – the environment – through the constant flow of energy.

The potential
We are nowadays in the wonderful position to acknowledge our active involvement in everything that goes on in our bodies, minds, and emotions. We further understand that in this manner, we contribute in shaping our reality. Despite the vast possibility implied, we face difficulties in aiming beyond the lines determined in the past.

Esoteric Astrology operates on this challenging issue of a meaningful end. It establishes the individual in its rightful place among the stars, and from there examines their objective and potential. Furthermore it aids in formulating timely and realizable goals.

The esoteric sciences
The esoteric sciences, Astrology included, concern the present and the future individual and collective path that is spawn here and now. They exist to guide and support the gradual unveiling of individual potential and its use in the transition to a truly radiant future.


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