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Esoteric Astrology 

What Esoteric Astrology is

Esoteric Astrology is called “the science of relationship” because its object is the relationship between living energy sources. They may be great sources such as a planet, a solar system, a group of solar systems or a group of people, like a nation. They may also be smaller sources, such an individual, a family unit or even a part of a person, like their emotions or an organ in their physical body.

Shifting relationships between the above sources are made possible by the qualified energy currents they emit which constantly travel and interact in Space. We may observe some of them with our natural senses, many with the means we possess, others though are entirely beyond our present natural or technological abilities. However, they too produce results.

As many energy currents and their sources, their purpose, their quality and their manner of operation remain unobserved and unknown, it is impossible to do work with them in an organized fashion and in a creative and beneficial direction. We ignore their source, their purpose, how they operate and mostly, we ignore the potential of our existing relationship with them, and how we can consciously experience it.

We are certainly constantly learning through the experience of life itself, like a child learns that they should not touch a hot surface. They do not avoid it because they are aware of the laws governing the transmission of heat or of what their skin’s natural threshold is, but because of the pain caused on contact.

A great deal of everyday suffering is the result of unsuitable contact with such metaphorical “hot surfaces” and the metaphorical “heat” they emit. In contrast with external objects, radiant living energy centers are not perceived with the same clarity in the entire range of their influence. Even the ones we observe with our natural and technological means, are mostly known to us from a certain perspective and much less or not at all from others.

Esoteric Astrology studies the relationship of radiant living energy sources carried out through energy currents that exist and interact on observable, and mostly non-observable, by modern technological means, planes of Space. 

immediate purpose

Esoteric Astrology’s immediate purpose is to bring about a scientific way of living.

It does that by guiding the person to realise existing relationships they do not yet perceive, but which constitute causes for the external effects the person experiences.

With Esoteric Astrology’s support, the relationship may become something more than the person’s constant adaptation to the effects of unconscious contacts. Initially, the latter are randomly directed or with what art and systematic, empirical knowledge the person has gained, usually by tough means and over long periods.

Humanity, every person and the various groups may pass to a manner of evolution and a way of living beyond “the painful and time-consuming repeated burning on a hot surface”.

Through Esoteric Astrology, the person may start perceiving the laws and rules regulating their self and their existing relationships. They many know the environment in which the live, move and exist, its quality and directions, its limitations and of course, the specific potential that the person’s conscious relationship with it, offers.