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July – 

Esoteric Astrology
The science of relationships

One-year online foundation seminar designed as a “toolbox” for those who wish to begin, expand, or organize and implement their work and research into the synthetic field of Esoteric Astrology.

Instructor: Evangelia Tsavdari, Astrologer and founder of Panastron

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January –

From productivity to creativity

A match not always made in heaven! The seminar traces step by step the path from the energy source of productivity and creativity to their outcomes in our everyday life.

Journeying alongside the three planetary energies which charge the issue, it is possible to discern whether we have become their victim or we are indeed positively tapping into our great productive and creative potential. Our aim is a better future balance.

Imagination and illusion, it’s either Hollywood or a richer everyday life

Our old pal, our busy imagination, is consuming an endless volume of images nowadays. How are they linked to the formation and acknowledgment of our wishes and needs? Could we be losing the plot at some point? Most importantly, how could we find it again and pick up the thread of the energy of imagination but in a way that is beneficial to our life?

These are the questions this seminar poses in examining the planetary energies urging imagination and illusion, so as to find a healthier way to relate to our mind and heart’s images.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the New Era

Just a few days after the spring equinox and in the midst of spring, we are taking a closer look at the great ongoing energy transition whose impact is evident all around and inside us.

In this seminar we are discussing the nature of the energy of the planets and asterisms implicated, its sensed quality, and trace the major guidelines which can aid us in smoothing out our passage into the New, indeed, Era!

Working with the energy of eclipses

Eclipses create an extraordinary energy setting as both exoteric and esoteric sciences confirm. In this seminar we examine how the relationships between planets and asterisms are modified during an eclipse, so as to discern the opportunities afforded by the relatively rare conditions they shape.

We aim to utilise the energy of eclipses consciously instead of simply watching the unfoldment of the phenomena they produce. The upcoming eclipses of May 26 and June 10 2021 create an ideal setting for experimentation!

The triptych of femininity

We come together to explore the three major energies associated with the concept of femininity, which are active in every human being. They are expressed through constellations, zodiac signs, planets, we find their fine thread woven in mythology and esoteric tradition.

Some aspects of femininity may be blazing in full expression, others twinkling every so often, and still others may remain in the dark as hidden potential. We are turning out attention to them in order to bring them in the clear light of day, with an aim to finally see them working in greater harmony.