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Evangelia Tsavdari

Evangelia is an Esoteric Astrologer.

She aims to contribute in creating the conditions and tools required to introduce individuals and groups to the energy currents that regulate their activity. Τhese currents may then be intentionally utilised to establish and support a balanced model of living, relating, and working.

As of April 2022 she has undertaken the coordination of the World Goodwill project for Lucis Trust.

In 2017 she founded Panastron.

In 2013, she completed her studies in humanistic astrology and started working as an astrologer. Besides her personal counselling sessions, she collaborated with a number of printed and televised media.

In the past she’s worked in the fields of political and economical briefing, the MM, translation and museum curating. After the establishment of Panastron, she gradually withdrew her focus from other areas of activity to concentrate on Esoteric Astrology.

In June 2021 she received her postgraduate title from the Etheric Academy for her participation in the research project “the etheric project”.

In 2017 she completed her studies in mental health counselling in Synthesis Centre for Culture and Research (psychoenergy/esoteric psychology approach).

She’s a graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s History and Archaeology department and UCL’s Institute of Archaeology,

At present, she is studying Physical Sciences in the Hellenic Open University, and attending the first year of The Etheric Academy’s three-year Esoteric Healing training programme.

Evangelia is a member of the Hellenic and European Associations for Counselling.

She lives and works in London.